Spaceship Controller in Unity 3D

This a compilation of very interesting tutorials on how to implement a  Spaceship Controller in Unity 3D which you can apply to program your own game

Basic Spaceship Character Controller


Flying Controls in Unity – Tutorial



Learn how to create flying controls perfect for space flight games, or for flying airplanes! Download the starter files for the project at


Unity Sci Fi Game Tutorials


In this Unity Tutorial series the author of the tutorials will go over how to set up Rigidbody spaceship movement, how to use cinemachine as well as how to use the new input system.

This is a playlist of videos focused in creating a Space Sim game with Unity !

Some of the assets used in the tutorial series can be found on the following links:

Free skybox pack:…

Free spaceship model:…

Other space flight resources that helped :… Bitgalaxis:…

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