5 Ways to Make People Care About Your Game

Once upon a time an indie developer that created a game and though that the world would care about it … but he woke up to the cruel reality, that no one actually cared about his game and no one played it.

How to make your game discoverable?

Five interesting indie marketing tips that can help you break the barrier of discoverability and that will make people care more about your games. Getting the word out there is a big part of being a game developer after all and following this advice is completely free with No money / no budget is required.


Marketing tips to make people care about your game


0:25 – Tip 5: You give a damn first.
1:01 – Tip 4: Build an audience.
1:51 – Tip 3: Get people involved.
3:03 – Tip 2: Keep showing your game.
3:55 – Tip 1: Make an appealing game.
4:37 – Tip 1.1: Have good visuals.
4:48 – Tip 1.2: Have a compelling fantasy.
5:34 – Tip 1.3: Make the visuals communicate the fantasy.

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