the basics of game marketing ( Podcast)

An interesting podcast summary posted on gamasutra

with some insights on the basics of indie game marketing and some of the actions that should be taken by indie game developers when facing the titanic task of marketing their indiegame.

The basics of indie game marketing

“If you’re marketing by yourself, the way that you start is with a really good store page, with a really good Twitter, and with a press list and press information. You commit to doing those things, you nurture them, you cultivate those things. Start making a press list. Start day one by looking up a game that is a bit like the one you want to make, Googling the reviews of that game, looking up the journalists who worked the reviews, finding those journalists on Twitter, and saying ‘Hey, I saw you liked X—I’m making Y. Can I put you on the press list? Could I send you a key?’ and do that until you have a list of people who are warmly interested in the sort of stuff that you make and do a little bit of that every day.

“The big mistake is feeling like marketing is a big homogenous, single activity thing that you spend lots of money on and if you don’t have any money you can’t do marketing. You can. You just need to account for marketing time within your development time. It’s part of development, it starts at the beginning of development. It’s people who ignore it because it’s daunting that will miss out.”

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