A One-Page Guide for Startups [Book]

Book Description

Launching a startup is now easier than ever before. Building a lasting brand, however, remains a mystery for even the savviest of founders. An impactful, recognizable brand is perhaps a company’s most valuable intellectual property. And any strong brand starts with a strategy.

The Brand Strategy Canvas has arrived to coach you beyond buzzword-laden tips and tricks, and instead offers you thorough, practical techniques to jump-start your strategy creation process. Author Patrick Woods distills fundamental questions to guide your strategy into a revolutionary single-page tool known as the titular Brand Strategy Canvas. The book takes you through each of the simple yet thought-provoking questions of the tool to develop your strategy, including considering audience insight, assessing benefits, creating a positioning statement, and identifying key messages. You will explore real-world case studies along the way and build a message map that ensures your organization drives home a consistent, clear, and authentic message to your target audience.

No matter where you are in the business creation process, The Brand Strategy Canvas is the tool you need to build a brand from scratch that you can enthusiastically and effectively implement in real time. This book provides value to team members in companies of all sizes and stages, and is fit for any level of professional wanting to kickstart their entrepreneurial goals. A brand created today must be built for all of tomorrow’s possibilities, and The Brand Strategy Canvas is the book you will want by your side.

What You Will Learn

  • Examine the key differences between strategy and execution
  • Understand how you can avoid brand debt
  • Craft meaningful messages with the Features>Benefits Continuum
  • Develop a positioning statement that differentiates from the competition and inspires your marketing
  • Discover your distinctive brand personality and how it impacts your marketing
  • Equip your team with guidance and inspiration to ensure consistent and inspiring voice and personality throughout all your messaging 


Who This Book Is For

This book is for startup founders who are looking for tools to help them build a brand their team can actually implement. This book will also resonate with and provide value to team members in tech companies of all sizes and stages.

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