Why 5G, AI and IoT combo will be so powerful for data analytics

This is an excerpt of the article that was recollected from flipboard, as to generate a clip of interesting news from the topics that i think are important and I want to save for further references and share with my readers.


Interesting interview about the blending of 5G and IOT to help the companies collect more data thus improving their prediction capacities for the future.


The interview touches some very important points as what will happen with Artificial Intelligence with the possibility of having always on connected devices, associated with Ubiquitous devices able to understand and interpret everything around us, and feed it back into the AI.

Although the IOT seems to be as second priority in the deployment of the 5G services, it is definitively there, as it represents the senses that the artificial intelligence need to “feel” the reality.

Combining 5G, AI, and IoT will help companies collect more data, analyze it more quickly, make more accurate predictions, and rapidly take …


Read the full article by TechRepublic – Bill Detwiler


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