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4 Ways to Monitor Your Gaming Influencer Campaign’s Success

A very interesting and thorothrough article on how to approach influencing marketing. Most of companies that hugely spend large sums on marketing campaigns, have been approaching the influencing marketing for a couple of years now, with some good results.

Can this be applied game marketing, not from a point of view of large publisher, but rather from a small indiedev that has limited or no funds? My personal experience and the experience that I have seen from other game developers is that not all influencers are actually a good channel for promoving our games, because mainly they are main concern is about generating content for their own channels, and if they can earn some money, better.

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Figure 1: Fastest-growing online customer-acquisition method Source –Tomoson


So while searching for this topic, I have been able to find a very good article with very good numbers and insights on influencer marketing focused on indie game developers.

Read the full article by Game Marketing Genie

Summarizing more or less the article we can find the following facts and tips that will allow you to monitor your Gaming influencer Campaign’s Success:

  • Influence marketing statistics show that 60 percent of consumers make purchases based on the recommendations on their social networks. Not to be confused with an influencer, but rather by my network or peers and people that I respect.
  • In terms of ROI, 89 percent of marketers said influencer marketing was comparable or better than other channels, when compared to other digital marketing media, the ROI from influencer marketing can be up to 11 times higher. This could help us understand the potencial impact influencers have on a recipient’s purchase decision.
  • Amplifying audiences. Since the influencers have a massive audience of committed people, by going through them you are able to amplify your own, nonetheless you need to be careful of selecting carefully the match of audiences, because for example if your game is a cartoony platformer, going through a twitcher with a massive audience in RPG games, will do nothing for you, while for the influencer it will me more content to put through to an audience that is eagerly waiting for new content from the creator.
  • Concerning this last point,  some of the metrics that you can take in consideration when analyzing the influencer channel  is: The number of followers, the reach of the message as it goes through the channel, the number of impressions / views it generates. The article doesn’t say it, but based on my experience I can add, that it is very important to analyze what messages are getting more success in going through the channel.
  • If the channel allows for SEO ( search engine optimization) then spend some time trying to find what are the keywords that are the most successful for the channel, as to evaluate if it is a good for you and your game.
  • If you have finally decided to go through with the influencer, then it is very important to actually monitor very closely the conversions that you get along the way and how much traffic your are generating to your own game, because if it is not as expected then you should go back to the drawing board and see what is going wrong, with the channel and with the content being promoted.
  • If you are converting traffic to your home page or game page, then it is probable that you will eventually (or not) start to sell games. Once this happens you need to start to take a look at the ROI that you get from the campaign as to avoid having more costs and benefits, and be able to cut at the first sign that you are not matching your goals and expectations for the campaign. Very interesting concept, here, is the Cost per order (CPO) which means that for each copy of the game sold, how much have you spent to get it. if you have benefit but very thin, then you should research more on the campaign and possibilities of optimization or not, and if to continue with it or not.


I really recommend to read the full article as it is very interesting to read and filled with great graphics like some of the ones that we have used in the article.


What do you think about these concepts and influence marketing for your game, why don’t you comment on the post and we can discuss it in more detail as a community?