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The  dream of achieving hyperconnectedSmart citiesisn’t limited by technology but by humans.

Making cities smarter is more of a business model and governance challenge than a technological one.

Aligning the interests of everyone involved city councils, residents, telecom firms, utilities, app developers is often a political nightmare.

Discussions are happening with the backdrop of increased skepticism of big tech companies many of which are trying to sell tools to cities.

Some of the largest and most expensive metro areas such as New York, Seattle and Los Angeles have been among the most hospitable to smart city discussions.

Mid-sized cities such as Columbus, Kansas City and Phoenix are harnessing smart city projects to attract attract workers and the startups and big companies that want to employ them.

The smart city movement is driven in part by tech-savvy millennials who have different expectations for their communities.

For many cities, managing homelessness, hiring teachers and fixing crumbling highways will have to come before developing a smart parking app.