Triton Games es un grupo de desarrollo indie basado en Madrid desarrollando videojuegos para plataformas mobiles.

Triton Games is an indie game dev studio located in Madrid, Spain. We have transformed our passion into our job, creating the most enjoyable videogames putting all our effort into it. We develop games for Android with the best team we could arrange. Stay tuned with us, our name will be among the best in the future!



  • They Come Down

Infinity oceans of harmony. A dispute against shapes.
Fracture the hexagons. Control the movment of the triangle and avoid the falling balls.
Ride to the first position in the Ranking.

  •  Pandastick!

    [Android, 2017] Pitagorical action in an oriental inspired world. Let this cute Panda climb and touch the screen at the right time to make him fall safely in the next platform. Go further and further smashing your own record while the difficulty increases. New updates coming!

  •  Desert Legacy

    [Android, 2017] Unravel the Desert Legacy! Drift through the ruins of a vanished and mysterious kingdom. Perfect your control and avoid obstacles while collecting the valuable golden remains of yesteryear, collecting runes that will grant you incredible prizes and leting yourself be carried away by the wonderful and relaxing world of the infinite desert. Many secrets await you buried in the dunes, separated only by the mastery that you achieve by playing. A true work of art created with all the care and polishing every detail.

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