Advanced Press Tips for Beginners from Full Indie Summit 2014

The most important problem that we are facing currently as gamedevs is the lack of visibility that we have when dealing with the press, as to try to make a ressonance of our messages, that will allow us to better communicate our brand as studio, or our games. Dealing with press is something that we will have to do, and better to know how do it correctly from the beginning, or we will have some problems along the way.

The video posted from the Full Indie Summit 2014, summarizes in a great way some insights on how to manage our relationship with press by John Polson:

i) don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth and recommendations that can arise from communication your game through all potential social networks and communication platforms

ii) Go for the journalist, not for the media, as you want to talk about your game with some one

iii) Put the same care in communication your game that you have put in actually making it.

iv) Don’t be afraid of animated gifs, as they can make your screenshots look like a videogame

v) don’t be afraid to show your game to journalists, even at alpha level, just be careful with the overall quality of each element of the game: title screens, loading screents, the game ,etc…

vi) When approaching Kickstarter, most of journalists are no longer interested in it, but rather interested in the backstory behind the people and the game

vii) Be careful of exclusives matters less and less, and can only reduce you audience. They are not important for indies.

viii) Don’t beg for coverage, expose your self and let your exposure talk for you

ix) don’t be afraid of live events, they can help increase with your exposure and there so with the previous point.

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