Build a Raspberry Pi GoBot With Your Kids

if you want to introduce your kids to the wonderful world of robotics and prepare them for the nearby future, then you will want probably to check the Raspberry Pi Gobot, and new generation of robotics kids based on the raspberry that allows you to go where no other father/mother has gone before.

First interesting aspect, is the price, with just $60 worth of hardware, you can a pretty decent base platform to start trying really cool features.

In the kit, you will find:

MicroSD card: You’ll load this up with the bot’s software.
Two 5-volt DC motors
Two wheels with grippy rubber tires: These will snap onto the motor shafts.
L293D motor controller
Six AA batteries in a holder: To power the motors.
Small breadboard: A device used to build a simple circuit, no soldering required.
5-volt USB mobile phone battery pack: To power the Pi.
Jumper wires: To connect everything.
Chassis: Anything flat and about 6 inches square: Legos, laser-cut plastic, cardboard. You can also add two “feet” to stabilize your droid.
Sticky Tack adhesive

Second benefit, its simplicity, not only from a hardware point of view, but from the coding, where with around 10 lines of code, you and your kid can build a simple wheeled droid that can drive around your house.

The base code is available at github and be used for the first steps in the programming, which by the nature of Raspberry will allow you and your kid to develop really interesting applications.




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